What Exactly IS a Beverly Serral Signature Rental?

Completely Comfortable | Consistently Amazing

What Exactly IS a Beverly Serral Signature Rental?

The best words to describe a Beverly Serral Signature Rental are these two: completely comfortable.

A little background to begin: in 2004/2005 I jumped on the flipping bandwagon and began to buy, renovate, and resell properties in Sea Pines. My first property was a “gutting” at Muirfield on the Harbour Town golf course. Purchased with a friend, then renovated, sold and closed all within 100 days… at a healthy profit…and I thought I had found my true calling. Three months later I had found another “jewel” and set about duplicating my previous accomplishment on my own this time. Little did I know that I was about to be hit with a big “whoa, there sister– not so fast…..”.

Six months later in the spring of 2006, with the market turned on its head and that grand profit still eluding me, I decided that 17 Hollyberry had better start helping to support itself. But EVERYONE told me I could never rent a house in Greenwood Forest that didn’t even have its own pool. Now I love for someone to tell me I can’t do something, so I set out to do two things: (1) prove them wrong, and (2) pay the mortgage.

And that is how Beverly Serral Signature Rentals was born– only I didn’t know it at the time, I just had a mortgage payment to make! Just how would I rent a house in Greenwood Forest….with no private pool? Sea Pines was full of homes closer to the beach or Harbour Town, larger homes, newer homes. But I see a lot of homes, and I knew none was nicer or more comfortable than mine. I would make the house the draw. I would make it (1) impeccably clean and (2) fabulously outfitted and equipped. And just to make sure that not only were the accommodations enjoyable for my guests, I would make sure the entire experience, from inquiry to reservation to arrival to departure, was smooth, stress free, and easy as pie.

So I thought of every moldy, icky, ill-equipped beach house I had ever seen or stayed in, on Hilton Head or anywhere else. And I thought of several less-than-helpful-masquerading-as-helpful reservationists I had encountered along the way. I have been fortunate to stay in some very nice hotels in several parts of the world, and I have experienced posh oceanfront and mountaintop homes in the US, and I have always wondered why a regular old 6th or 7th row Forest Beach/Sea Pines/Palmetto Dunes beach house, or Plantation Club villa, or Greenwood Forest bungalow couldn’t be as welcoming or clean, or outfitted as thoughtfully as the nicest guest accommodations I had ever stayed in, or offered with the same consistency of amenity and ease of service of a Ritz Carlton.

The answer, of course, is that they can. They just usually……. aren’t.

But when they are…….ah, then the guest can concentrate on making memories, and enjoying the small things like searching for sand dollars, or making a special only-at-the-beach dinner, or reading a good book, rather than calling for a working toaster or re-washing cookware.

And that is a Beverly Serral Signature Rental. Two words to sum up our niche, our philosophy, our commitment, and our promise delivered since 2006: complete comfort.

After all, it’s our signature, but it’s your story.

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