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Meet Our Team

Beverly Serral Property Team Members

BESTNEST ® By Beverly Serral is a specialized concept in vacation rental properties on Hilton Head Island. Our guests experience a consistently, fabulously outfitted and equipped, smartly decorated home or villa each time they reserve. Uber-cleanliness of our properties and individualized guest service are also hallmarks of our brand. Our owners enjoy a top quality guest and the highest level of property oversight available, in addition to some of the highest net income in our market.



Guest & Property Services Specialist

Hometown: Hilton Head Island, SC

First job:  Basketball camp counselor

Something you'd hate to live without: My dog, Shadow

Favorite BESTNEST detail: Our attention to detail! We make sure our properties are perfectly prepared for each guest

Jamese Franklin



Managing Director | Financial & Owner Services Manager, BESTNEST

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

First job: Counting coupons at a military brokerage firm

Something you love about Hilton Head: The beaches, of course! 

Favorite BESTNEST detail: The beautiful decor in each property and the quality of service we provide to our guests and owners



Property Preparation Coordinator

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Favorite way to spend a weekend: Watching college football

Grown up superlative: Most Likely to Have a Lot of Kids! 

Something you love about Hilton Head: The view of the island from an airplane


Executive Assistant to Beverly Serral & Special Projects Lead

Hometown: Hilton Head Island, SC

Something you love about Hilton Head: The way the sun hits the marsh grass in the evening

Grown Up Superlative: Most Likely to be Planning a Trip

Favorite BESTNEST detail: The seamless, stress-free BESTNEST experience from beginning to end!



Realtor | Certified Luxury Home Specialist | BESTNEST Designer

Hometown: Hilton Head Island, SC

Something we might be surprised to know about you: After college, I was a snowboard instructor in Colorado and New Zealand

Favorite way to spend a weekend: On the boat or outside with family and friends 

Something you love about Hilton Head: The amount of sunshine!

Marketing Specialist

Hometown: Greeneville, TN

Grown up superlative: Most Likely to Overdress

Something we might be surprised to know about you: When I was four years old, I was kicked out of the Beverly Serral School of Dance production of CATS for misbehaving

Favorite BESTNEST Detail: I love that there are Bluetooth speakers in each   BESTNEST so you can play your own music or try out one of our BESTNEST playlists on Spotify!


Founder & CEO | Realtor | Certified Luxury Home Specialist | BESTNEST Designer

Hometown: Greeneville, TN

Something we might be surprised to know about you: My first career was studio owner/dance instructor/choreographer, where I was known as a pretty tough cookie (see above Lilli Serral)

Person(s) with whom I'd love to have lunch: My grandmothers

Your grown up superlative: Most Likely to Overcommit

Something you love about Hilton Head: That it is small and big at the same time. There are interesting people here from everywhere!

Favorite quote/life mantra: "The genius thing that we did was, we didn't give up." -Jay-Z

Behind the scenes:  A cadre of detail oriented and meticulous Flockers, preparing and caring for each and every BESTNEST guest.

The new BESTNEST office at 7 New Orleans Road