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Meet Our Team

BESTNEST ® by Beverly Serral is a specialized concept in vacation rental properties on Hilton Head Island.  Our guests experience a consistently, fabulously outfitted and equipped, smartly decorated home or villa each time they reserve.  Uber-cleanliness of our properties and individualized guest service are also hallmarks of our brand. Our owners enjoy a top quality guest and the highest level of property oversight available, in addition to some of the highest net income in our market.

Shown Left to Right

Darlene Enright—Managing Director & Owner Services Manager

Jennifer Durham -- Designer 

Beverly Serral - Founder | CEO | BIC | Design Lead 

 Samantha Neville - Designer & Property Preparation Coordinator

 Lizette Perez - Guest Services Manager

Courtney  Woodward May- Realtor/Designer

Anna Goebel - Guest and Property Services Specialist

Lydia Swank - Executive Assistant to Beverly Serral 

photo of our staff Courtney  Woodward May- Realtor/Designer          Anna Goebel - Guest and Property Services Specialist           Lydia Swank - Executive Assistant to Beverly Serral     

                             Behind the scenes:  A cadre of detail oriented and meticulous Flockers, preparing and caring for each and every BESTNEST guest.


The new BESTNEST office at 7 New Orleans Road.