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BESTNEST by Beverly Serral Vacation Rentals

What Exactly Is a BESTNEST?

It all started in 2005. Real estate on Hilton Head Island (and everywhere else) was smoking hot, and I jumped on the renovation/resale bandwagon. I enjoyed quite the success, albeit briefly, and then the market changed. By 2006 I found myself with a beautifully renovated property and large mortgage, but no buyer. So I thought I would just “rent it for a year or two”. Two later turned into ten.

Now, I really didn’t know anything about the rental business in 2006, but I do know what I like, and I thought that others must want the same. I also knew what I didn’t like in and about the usual vacation rentals, and so I set about making my house the most fabulous (and cleanest) vacation rental ever. Really.

I furnished it very nicely, and I made sure the beds and sofas were supremely comfortable and outfitted with crisp, all cotton linens. I equipped the kitchen with a full stock of quality cookware, all types of glassware, and every implement needed to fix up a feast. I wall mounted smart televisions and added in Netflix (this was very swanky for 2006, thank you), and I tended to every big and small thing I could think of that would make for a completely comfortable stay—beach towels and chairs provided, great reading light exactly where needed, closets filled with lots of matching dress and coat hangers, space and seating for all in the group to dine or watch tv together—I had (and still have) a very long list that also includes a stress-free reservation experience and superior cleaning protocols.

When one of my guests asked me in 2008 to find a home and make a rental for them, too, I agreed with the caveat that both properties should be outfitted and equipped exactly the same—I didn’t want one to be nicer or cleaner or better.

And with that, Beverly Serral Signature Rentals—and our concept of consistency, was born. In 2019 we received a US trademark and rebranded Beverly Serral Signature Rentals as BESTNEST® by Beverly Serral. What hasn’t changed is our niche, our philosophy, our commitment, and our promise delivered since 2006: complete comfort, every single time.

The BESTNEST Standard

BESTNEST by Beverly Serral Properties

Each BESTNEST vacation rental is inspected and certified as attaining our superior and consistent standards for outfitting, equipping, and cleanliness. No matter the location, size, amenities (like rentals with a private pool), or price of your chosen Hilton Head Island luxury vacation rental, you will always know exactly what awaits you. Book a BESTNEST, and rest easy.

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