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Rose Dhu Creek

Rose Dhu

The South Carolina Lowcountry has long been a magnet for those unique individuals determined to live their lives as they wish. The people who enjoy life here come from both near and far, a blend of personalities and outlooks that, while very different, also share much in common. Whether former city dweller, retiree, young professional or well-established careerist, the call of the Lowcountry sounds a song that to them is too attractive to ignore.

All are united by a common love for the environment. They are happiest near the water, the woods, riding or walking, fishing or boating as they please, free from too many rules, too many people and too many demands. This is a place where life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and where “back to your roots” has a very special meaning.

Word has spread about the exquisite joys of the Lowcountry, which is news both good and bad. People here are most hospitable and visitors are welcomed with smiles. Still, so many have come, and then stayed, that in some places things have become crowded. Simpler times and gentler manners have given way to a faster, not so kind pace. While there is still much in which to delight, it is harder and harder to find.

Such delight may be found at Rose Dhu Creek Plantation. More than 320 acres of pristine Lowcountry environment is now being carefully opened to selected neighbors seeking estate size home sites. If you are searching for the Lowcountry, you can find it at Rose Dhu Creek Plantation where the soul of the Lowcountry lives on in the heart of Bluffton.

Community Info

Gated: Yes
Golf: No
Clubhouse: Yes
Waterfront: No
Tennis: Yes
Equestrian Center: Yes
Pool: Yes