Imagine Your Next Hilton Head Vacation… differently.

Imagine this……..

You work 51 weeks for a 7-night trip to the beach.  Six months ahead, you go online and filter through hundreds of possible Hilton Head Vacation Rentals that will fit your needs.  You email with the owner/manager.  The property photos are decent and the reviews are mostly very positive.  You take the plunge and hand over your credit card.  You are pretty picky, but most other people are, too, right?  Surely you can trust what you see on the internet.

Summer comes!  After 10 hours in the SUV with kids in tow, over burning asphalt, and through multiple traffic tie ups, you finally arrive at your home away-from-home.  It looks the same as the photos, but something is not quite right.

The kids immediately head for the WiFi.  First you cannot find the connection, then you cannot find the password. Lastly, you cannot find anyone to help you. 

You head to the kitchen and open a cabinet.  Dishes? Well, sort of.  Cookware?  Looks like it came from your son’s college apartment.  Ample dish towels, quality implements, matching glassware?  Um, no.

Next to the closets.  Hangers?  A jumbled mess from multiple dry cleaners.  Extra blankets? Again, sort of. (Messy, seem dirty.)  Extra pillows?  Some, but lumpy and uncased.

A check under the bed?  Ok, but you are almost afraid to…..  Found:  an empty water bottle and 2 J. Crew tags.  Not the end of the world, but makes painfully obvious the fact that no one really took care to make your stay welcoming or joyous.

Now imagine your vacation rental experience differently……..

Have you read the book about cleaning out clutter?  The author tells you to discard anything that does not give you JOY.  Here and now–  and somewhat related—discard your old way of discerning and evaluating a potential vacation rental property.  As a matter of fact, allow us to do it for you.  

Each BESTNEST vacation rental property is inspected and certified as attaining our high standards for outfitting, equipping, and cleanliness, and each and every BESTNEST is consistently outfitted and equipped.  So no matter the location or size or price of your chosen property, you will always know exactly what awaits you.   

Book A Best Next Vacation Rental Today » … and rest easy!

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