What’s In a Name? At BESTNEST by Beverly Serral, a lot.

So a funny thing happened in 2005. A girl (me) set about buying, renovating and reselling real estate. This worked fine until 2006, when our market slowed. By 2007, our market had stalled, and by 2008 it had fallen off the same cliff as……..well, you know the rest.

But they say that necessity is the mother of invention (the necessity being the mortgage payment at 17 Hollyberry Lane), and so just like that, I was in the rental business.

When we expanded our portfolio from one property to two, our concept became one of consistency, and we gave our little burgeoning business a name (mine): Beverly Serral Signature Rentals. Two properties grew to four, then ten, then twenty plus. ‘Round about 2010, I thought it might be a good idea to “certify” all of our rental properties, in order to give our guests even more peace of mind about the product.

A BESTNEST would be just that—the best vacation rental ever, consistently, every time. A BESTNEST would be completely comfortable, fabulously outfitted and equipped, fastidiously clean, and the entire vacation experience would be smooth and stress free because, let’s face it—stress is what people are trying to vacation from.

Looking back to 2006: Of course vacation rentals existed on the internet, but we had no idea then what would become the “sharing economy”, Airbnb didn’t exist, Expedia hadn’t yet paid $4B for HomeAway. Even in the early days, I knew that there was a need and desire among travelers for (1) comfort and convenience, and (2) consistency of product. No surprises at your vacation accommodations is a good thing.

Looking forward from 2018: We know that the BESTNEST concept is needed, sought after, and appreciated now more than ever.

And so, we now transition (in name) from Beverly Serral Signature Rentals to BESTNEST. BESTNEST is what we’ve been making and doing and sharing for 12+ years, and now we make it official.

Today Hilton Head Island, tomorrow—who knows where?? But as long as you BOOK A BESTNEST, you can rest easy.

Want to perhaps join the fun and family? To BE A BESTNEST, contact Beverly directly at 843.341.3600 or

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