When Fido Wants To Go On Vacation, You Need A Pet Friendly Rental

Traveling with your dog isn’t just for ladies with purse pooches anymore. Families, singles, and couples are taking their pets on vacation—and especially to resort areas which welcome dogs.  When everyone including Fido wants to go on vacation, it’s time to take a look at pet friendly rentals on Hilton Head Island.

We find that most of our “with pet” travelers are experienced in toting their dogs by car or plane, and are respectful guests when accompanied by their dogs. Many of our Signature Rentals on Hilton Head do welcome dogs—even multiple dogs- so we thought it might be helpful to know what you can and should expect from a pet welcoming rental, and also what is expected of you and your pet.

Hilton Head Pet Friendly Rentals in 2018

The good news is that they are mostly great!  Gone are the days of icky carpet and pet smell.  First, the great majority of pet friendly rentals really only welcome dogs—not cats.  As people are more allergic to cat dander, the availably of cat welcoming rentals has diminished greatly over the years. And carpet in general is on the way out as a vacation rental flooring.  You will find most dog welcoming rentals—and ALL of our dog welcoming Signature Rentals — to be uber clean and of the highest quality.

Today, luxury rentals- and hotels- not only allow most breeds of dogs, but they put out the woof welcome mat. Accommodations may include pet treats or toys, perhaps the staff will assist with or supply crates or other equipment, and should always include special cleaning protocols at departure.  Certain breeds may be excluded due to a variety of reasons, not limited to temperament or size. For instance, our Signature Rentals do not allow for, unfortunately, the oily coated breeds like Labradors, boxers, pugs, and the like.  We just found it too difficult to remove their sticky, straight hairs. Much as we love a black lab, give us a fluffy haired golden retriever anytime!

But—speaking of hair—do be a good guest and clean after your pet.  You should not have to scrub the floors, but leaving tumbleweeds of hair on the floor or evidence of pets in beds will often result in an additional cleaning fee levied by housekeeping, and, is just not cool.  Having your dog sleep in your bed is fine when it IS your bed.  If you simply cannot keep Rover on the floor at night, bring your own big blanket and drape the bed.  Then, fold it up and take it with you!  Same goes for furniture.  And ALWAYS pick up after your pet when outdoors.

Speaking of outdoors, we love to see people’s fur kids enjoying their vacation, but for everyone’s safety and enjoyment, there are rules for dogs on Hilton Head Beaches.  From the Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. dogs are not permitted on the beach, and different leash rules apply at different beaches. 

Whether indoors or out,  just remember that not all guests of the island will be accompanied by dogs or be lovers of dogs.  And that’s ok.  Our goal, mostly met and exceeded for 12+ years of welcoming dogs, is that no guest should know if or when a pet was in residence. 

Sometimes, though, it’s the people who are messy, but we just sic the dogs on ‘em.

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